Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Attractions

Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo offers scores of exciting things to do on your vacation. Whether you're interested in swimming, fishing, golfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, bicycling, dancing, dining or shopping, you will find everything you need within close proximity to Posada Real Ixtapa hotel. We can also help with reservations and tours for such excursions as Ixtapa Island, deep sea fishing, golf and much more.
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Things to Do in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

Ixtapa, Mexico Attractions Delfiniti

Delfiniti Ixtapa.

Experience the thrill of swimming with dolphins at Delfiniti Ixtapa. This exciting marine park features a variety of programs that allow guests to interact with dolphins, including a fast-paced ride holding on to the dolphin's dorsal fin, petting and receiving a docile kiss from these friendly marine mammals. Programs are available to children as young as three years old up to adults. The Delfiniti Ixtapa is adjacent to the Posada Real hotel. Visit www.delfiniti.com.

Ixtapa Golf Courses.

Ixtapa is home to two main golf courses - Marina Ixtapa Golf Club and Campo de Golf Ixtapa (formerly known as Palma Real). The Marina Ixtapa golf course was designed by Robert von Haage and features 18 holes of play, 13 of which include water hazards. Marina Ixtapa Golf Club offers a practice putting green, driving range, restaurant and golf lessons. Campo de Golf Ixtapa was designed by Robert Trent Jones, Jr. The 18-hole course plays to 6,898 yards and also serves as a nature preserve. Watch for crocodiles in the water hazards. Campo de Golf Ixtapa facilities include a driving range, practice putting green and restaurants. Golf lessons are also available. Each golf course is open daily.
Ixtapa Mexico Hotel
Ixtapa Mexico Hotel

Ixtapa Night Clubs.

The nightclubs and cantinas of Ixtapa come alive the minute the sun goes down. Senor Frogs and Christine Club Ixtapa are two of the most popular nightclubs of downtown Ixtapa. Here you'll find something for every taste and energy level. From live music to DJ mixes and hours of dancing, there is no shortage of nightlife in Ixtapa, Mexico.

Ixtapa Art & Crafts Market.

Shop for handcrafts and one-of-a-kind art objects in Ixtapa at the Arts and Crafts Market, known locally as Mercado de Artesania Turistico. This bustling market of creative vendors features 150 permanent stalls selling tourist souvenirs, jewelry, T-shirts, folk art, and a variety of regional handcrafts. The Arts and Crafts Market is located on Ixtapa Boulevard. A short walk from the craft market is a handful of small shopping plazas, including Los Patios, Plaza Ixpamar, Las Fuentes and La Puerta. You can also shop for handcrafts at Zihuatanejo where in addition to Indian handcrafts you can find jewelry, pottery and diverse artisan products handmade by local artisans.
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Ixtapa Magic World Aquatic Park.

Magic World Aquatic Park in Ixtapa is an amusement park attraction with fun things to do for kids. Wave pools, a pirate ship and toboggan rides are just few of the park's highlights. Magic World Aquatic Park hours of operation vary during high and low seasons. Find current pricing and hours of operation at the front desk at Posada Real Ixtapa hotel.

Ixtapa Crocodile Sanctuary.

Located adjacent to Playa Linda in Ixtapa, the Cocodrilario is an exciting crocodile sanctuary where visitors can witness wild crocodiles in their natural habitat. This protected area, at the entrance to Playa Linda beach, also features a creek with an abundance of lush tropical vegetation. From Ixtapa you can access the crocodile sanctuary by road or by bicycle. Bicycles can be rented in Ixtapa to pedal down a gently sloping bicycle trail that takes you through wonderful views of Ixtapa rain forest. Bicycles can be rented in Plaza Ixpamar within walking distance to Posada Real Ixtapa.
Ixtapa Mexico Hotel
Ixtapa Mexico Hotel

Ixtapa Island.

Ixtapa Island is one of the most popular attractions in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo. Enjoy a day of snorkeling, swimming and relaxing on the delightful beaches of Ixtapa Island. A variety of casual restaurants serve delicious fresh seafood, snacks and cold beverages. The island is accessible by water taxi only. Ask about Ixtapa Island tour packages available at Posada Real Ixtapa hotel. Packages include transportation, an English-speaking tour guide and lunch.

Ixtapa Downtown Zihuatanejo.

Just a few miles from Ixtapa, downtown Zihuatanejo beckons visitors with its low-key vibe. Once a sleepy fishing village, Zihuatanejo today bustles with interesting things to do. The downtown area features a variety of shops and art galleries, as well as locally-owned restaurants. Enjoy traditional Mexican specialties and fresh seafood. The Municipal Pier in downtown Zihuatanejo is a launching point for water taxis to Ixtapa Island and Playa Las Gatas located across Zihuatanejo Bay.
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Ixtapa, Mexico Attractions Zihuatanejo Bay

Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Bay.

Zihuatanejo Bay is a beautiful little bay teaming with commercial activity. Shops, restaurants, tour operators, equipment rental shops, nightclubs and much more are found here. Catch a water taxi from the Zihuatanejo pier to nearby Las Gatas beach or Ixtapa Island or shop for hand crafts at the Handcrafts Market or at the private artisan shops.

Ixtapa Las Gatas Beach.

Located at the southern tip of Zihuatanejo Bay, Las Gatas beach is a popular snorkeling destination. Quiet coves are protected, offering normally calm conditions for snorkeling and swimming. A variety of restaurants line the beach, offering a casual setting for relaxing in the sun and enjoying a cold beverage and fresh-cooked meal. Access to Playa Las Gatas is by water taxi from Zihuatanejo Pier, or a walking trail from La Ropa beach.The Las Gatas beach is a fun excursion for all ages.
Ixtapa Mexico Hotel
Ixtapa Mexico Hotel

Ixtapa De la Costa Grande Archeological Museum.

Trace the footsteps of ancient civilizations at the "de la Costa Grande" archeological museum, in downtown Zihuatanejo. This intimate museum features pre-Hispanic murals and prehistoric artifacts that offer insight into the history of the region through the colonial era of Mexico.

Ixtapa Troncones Beach.

Troncones Beach, located about a half hour from Posada Real Ixtapa hotel, is a laid-back fishing village best known for its incredible 3-mile beach. A few basic restaurants and markets offer snacks, fresh seafood and traditional Mexican dishes. Troncones Beach is also a nesting ground for sea turtles. Tread lightly and never disturb these endangered creatures.
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Ixtapa, Mexico Archeological Site La Soledad de Maciel

Ixtapa Archeological Site La Soledad de Maciel (La Chole).

Located roughly a half-hour southeast of Zihuatanejo, the archeological site La Soledad de Maciel is an important link to ancient civilizations. The site is commonly referred to as La Chole. Archeologists are currently excavating a pyramid that many anticipate will offer insight into how and why pyramids were built and used thousands of years ago. Numerous artifacts and jewelry have been unearthed on the site. It is believed that these items belonged to such groups as the Maya, Aztec and Zapotec peoples, among others. Visit www.soledaddemaciel.com.

Ixtapa Town of Petatlán.

The town of Petatlan, south of Zihuatanejo, is best known for its handcraft gold jewelry and historic church, Santuario Nacional del Santo Senor de Petatlan. This small town offers a glimpse into the life of locals. Enjoy a friendly conversation, stroll the quiet streets and admire the town's Old World Mexico charm.
Ixtapa Mexico Hotel
Ixtapa Mexico Hotel
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